Android Based Sales Application of Hamster and Its Accessories Using the Prototype Method (Case Study of Lombok Rabbit Pet House)

Aplikasi Penjualan Hamster dan Kelengkapannya Berbasis Android Dengan Metode Prototype (Studi Kasus Lombok Rabbit Pet House)

  • Agung Rahmita Illah Program Studi Teknik Informatika Fakultas Teknik Universitas Mataram
Keywords: Keywords: Hamster, Pet shop, Sales application, Prototype method Application


The Lombok Rabbit Pet House is one of the animal shops that sell hamsters in Mataram, Lombok. Not only serving the community around Mataram, but this shop is also a supplier of hamsters in several animal markets in Mataram. Because of the relatively few animal shops that sell hamsters in Lombok, it is not uncommon for customers around the city of Mataram to become loyal customers of this shop. But unfortunately, the sales system at this store still uses a manual system. Include records of remaining merchandise and items sold. Based on the interview with the shop owner (Mr Ulul Azmi), he said that the store needs a sales system that can be accessed by all communities in Lombok to improve sales services and facilitate both sellers and customers in conducting transactions online. After getting the necessary information about the store, the author surveying 37 respondents about their knowledge of hamster disease. It was found that 70.3% of respondents claimed to have little knowledge about the types of hamster disease. At the same time, another 5.4% claimed not to have any knowledge about it. Furthermore, 91.9% of respondents chose to agree if there was an information system that could help the hamsters owner in getting information about various types of hamster disease. For those reasons, the author makes an Android Based Sales Application of Hamster and Its Accessories Using The Prototype Method. In its design, it used the Kotlin programming language, also the CodeIgniter framework as API access that calls queries on the database.